After 24 Years The Wagging Tail will be cutting its hours this week to 9 am to 5PM


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Zack & Elizabeth A.
Chatham, NJ
“We first learned of The Wagging Tail five years ago, when we realized leaving our dogs our active and playful dogs alone in an un-stimulating NYC apartment was not best for them or us. After starting daily daycare, we were immediately swept away by the incredible owners and staff, who immediately grew to know and love our animals. The webcam of the run became a fixture on our desktops at work, where watching our dogs playing and enjoying the company of a wonderful pack of dogs became a constant source of happiness. At the end of each day, our dogs would come home each night to us happy and tired. Three years ago, the arrival of our daughter led us to relocate 45 minutes outside the city. While the dogs have adjusted from daily daycare to a suburban life, we continue to make the longer trip to The Wagging Tail every time we board them. After our experience at The Wagging Tail, we don’t know how another facility could even compare. It is well worth the longer trip to know Teddy, Freddy, and Layla are so sincerely loved and cared for.

Adam K.
New York, NY
“The Wagging Tail remained open to board dogs and take care of them even after losing power and being located two floors down. The staff slept overnight without heat and provided candlelight and light from flashlights for the animals, who continued to be fed and taken care of. This allowed my family to relocate from our home, which lost power and water. We could not find a place to relocate with our 75-pound dog. The management had indicated via a sign on its front door that it was open. After sending an email to Keith Durst, the owner, we received a note back with a picture of a hidden walkie talkie which we were instructed to call down with. Then, an attendant came from the second sub-basement up to meet us. There was obviously no buzzer or camera to get the attention of those two floors below, so this was a clever solution. If no email, there was a sign indicating that an attendant from the Wagging Tail would come up to street level every 30 minutes to check for people who wanted to deliver or pick up their dogs.”

Durand G.
New York, NY
“The entire staff at The Wagging Tail are a dream come true. The level of professionalism and the heartfelt sense of commitment to each dog in their care is unmatched. The team recently went above and beyond to take care of my dog Daniel while I was stranded overseas during Hurricane Sandy – which meant so much to me. Daniel LOVES coming to TWT- some evenings (most) he does not want to leave! I would not trust Daniel in any other facility in the city. If you are a pet owner and committed to their well being I highly suggest you pay a visit to The Wagging Tail and meet the wonderful management and staff – you and your dog will not be disappointed!”

Susan P.
Manhattan, NY

“My dog, Lulu, is 11 years old and has gone to the Wagging Tail every work day since she was a puppy, as well as boarding there when I’m away. There aren’t enough superlatives to describe the staff, the owners, and the facilities. Lulu has severe separation anxiety–the only place she’s happy to be left is the Wagging Tail. Whenever she meets Keith (the owner) or any of the staff on the street, she’s always excited and happy to see them, which is the highest accolade of all. As the paramount example of their devotion to the dogs, on 9/11, when they were still at their old facility on Greenwich St., a few blocks from the WTC, the police ordered them to evacuate, but with all the chaos they didn’t have enough people to get all the dogs out. Instead, they pulled down the gate, pretended to have left, and stayed with the dogs until they could all be safely evacuated. You cannot pay for this level of devotion. Truly, if you want to know your dog (or cat) is well cared for, happy, and safe, then this is the only place to go.”

Taí N.
Manhattan, NY

“We leave our dog at the Wagging Tail when we are away. Keith, the owner, is wonderful and very accommodating. The staff are kind and care about our dog. We are very lucky to be able to use their services.”

Jason C.
Canal Street, NY

“I have been using Wagging Tail for the last 3 years. The staff and the place is over all great. Our dog enjoys going there.”

Arlene S.
New York, NY

“Pancake has been going to the Wagging Tail on occasion for boarding since she was a puppy. She was so energetic and active that they nicknamed her “The Terminator”. Well, she is five years old now and not quite as active, but she has a great time whenever she goes there. The staff loves the dogs and likes working with them, and they keep the place very clean. The rates are reasonable. The best part is that you can watch your dog on video while you are away.”

Peter O.
Manhattan, NY

“I have used The Wagging Tail for my Cat Boarding for a long weekend. They were very professional, made sure we were properly immunized, and set him up in a lovely 2 level kitty (duplex). Dropoff and pickup were smooth and my kitty was happy and healthy on his return. They are very professional and would certainly recommend ..”

Aimee W.
Brooklyn, NY

“I am writing this testimonial in appreciation for the people that have cared for my many dogs within the last 15+ years. I cannot speak highly enough in regard to the staff at The Wagging Tail as well as the owner, Keith Durst. They have saved one of my dogs lives by carrying him through a traffic jam to the vet, and he is not a small dog. I have left them with the tail for sometimes 4 weeks at a time when traveling and always found them healthy and happy upon my return. My husband a I rescue hound dogs and give them the best we can in terms of love and care. We know that they receive that same love and care at The Wagging Tail. Water for Dogs, which is owned by Jeannie Durst, brought my lab back from lyme disease. He had lost the use of his back legs and through weekly swimming he is still going strong at 14. To find honest good people to care for those you love is a gift!”

Thomas L.
New York, NY

“This is the ultimate one stop shop for all of your pet dog’s needs. The ownership is hands-on and the staff is attentive and professional. They set the standard and copy cats are popping up all over but they just can’t duplicate what Doggie Day Care offers. These are down to earth people who operate their business like a local merchant would and should!”

Carole L.
New York, NY
“I have been bringing my dog to the Wagging Tail since it opened in 1997, and at the time my dog was a puppy. She basically grew up at the wagging tail, and that is where she learned to socialize with other dogs. The Staff is amazing. Everyone that works there knows and cares about all the dogs. They pay attention-all you have to do is log on and take a look at the web cam to see what’s going on. What could be better then to look at your dog having the time of their life! Now my dog is older and she still loves the Wagging Tail. In fact when I go to pick her up at night, she doesn’t want to leave! I highly recommend it.”

Amy E.
Brooklyn, NY
“Woohoo is right! Or @ least that is how excited Lola gets when she gets to go to The Wagging Tail! 🙂 We cannot express how much she loves it there and how depressed she gets on the days she does not attend. We actually live in Brooklyn and send her to daycare in the city. They offer a great pick-up and drop-off service which simplifies my life in so many ways. Thanks for all the love you show Lola! We couldn’t be happier with our experience! –Lola & Family”

Peter J.
New York, NY

“I first came to the wagging tail thanks to my veterinarian’s recommendation, I love the staff and my dog loves going there, she really needs to burn some energy and the place is great for that. I can watch her on camera if I feel like it.”

Joan F.
New York, NY
“Both my dogs have been going to the Wagging Tail for 7 years. I can’t say enough wonderful things about the owners, the staff, and the facility they run. They are knowledgeable, attentive, devoted and caring. My dogs love the staff, and the fun begins from the moment they are picked up in the van. No matter what your animal’s needs are – they’ve got it! My dogs are beautifully groomed there, have their meals prepared by the staff as prescribed by their vet, receive medication daily and now, one of my dogs receives physical therapy and water therapy treatments for hip-displasia with a board certified technician!! Can you imagine how reassuring that is to my dog (and me!) that she doesn’t have to undergo therapy in unfamiliar surroundings with people she doesn’t know?!! For the above reasons, and MANY more, the Wagging Tail is the ONLY place I would send my dogs!!!”

Ezra H.
New York, NY
“My friend has been using the Wagging Tail for daycare and boarding for 11 years and loves it. The staff there definitely loves dogs; some of them have been working there since her dog was a puppy. They’re all responsible, reliable and caring. Her dog LOVES going there. The new facility rocks – it has a great swimming pool and agility classes. There’s no other place she would trust to care for her dog. I’ve been there a few times and have to say, as a non dog owner, that the facility is impressive- never knew such a place existed. who knew? ;)”

Carrie K.
Brooklyn, NY

“This is a great place to let you pet stay. The staff has activities for the dogs and it’s really adorable to see them interact. If your dog doesn’t want to though, he/she is not forced. They take very good care of the dogs and the staff that I saw are very good with them. The only complaint I may have is the price. Though, I think anywhere you find with such good treatment as this will be around this range if not more. Also, there’s a parking lot spot right outside for convenient transportation.”